Monday, January 15, 2018

Remember the…!

Alamo! Our newest build with Ewan's Laser Pegs set.
("Now let's tear it apart, Daddy!")

Monday, January 1, 2018

…on the Wright foot!

Here's how Ewan and I are starting things off: with our first family build of two of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, just one of the light-up (and optionally sound-activated) designs in the National Geographic Landmarks & Archaeology set for Laser Pegs that he got for Christmas.
Then we stepped out to explore a new park in our area.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 31, 2017


2017 is closing (and I can't say that I'm not glad to see it go), but there definitely were some very bright spots that stood out from the bleakness. Our first family trip back to Japan. Starting a new career path for the State of California. And 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the debut of Highlander: The Series, a show that will always live in my heart as one of the best I've ever enjoyed.

And with that, a look back at some highlights from the first, the tenth, and, reportedly, the last Highlander World Wide convention that was. In this case, there can be only one!

There they were! (People in picture were closer than they appear.) From left to right, Stan Kirsch (who played Richie), David Abramowitz (head writer), Don Paonessa (editor/producer), Adrian Paul (the Highlander himself!), Peter Wingfield (Methos), F. Braun McAsh (swordmaster), Gillian Horvath (writer), and Donna Lettow (writer) were in attendance to kick it off.
Soon to be followed by Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)! Despite what the picture would suggest, the gathering was quite intimate, garnering the 250+ in the room hands-on access to the franchise stars.
Freshly recovered from a bender the night previous, Jim Byrnes (Joe) came out with David to talk about the impact of his character and his music on the show. But, if you thought all there was was photos from afar.…
Think again! Me with Donna after the morning session of day 1.
And one with "Lizzie". She's still very easy on the eyes. *purrr*
Then with Stan. (Not the most flattering of me at that angle, I do tell. Frog neck?)
Peter during his talk. Always a crowd pleaser.
The writers reconvene, with producer Ken Gord (far left), to talk about the show's strong storytelling.
And then, my picture with the Highlander himself, Duncan MacLeod … er, Adrian!
A humorous session: the auction; led here by Peter, Adrian, and Stan, still showing off their chemistry decades later!
Peter modeling Duncan's coat from Endgame (and "taking cash on the side" for auction-goers to get a chance at touching it, and him)!
Lizzie models a replica Kurgan helmet from the first film.
Adrian talks up a pair of authentic katanas.
And Peter gets ready to take Adrian's head with one of them.
Some face-time with the good Dr. Wingfield himself.
Me after talking real-life helicopter crashes and old war stories (all his, d'uh!) with F. Braun.
Day 2 with Adrian. The little restaurant table you can see to the right a remnant of the previous night's cabaret, a wonderful set of one-act performances, songs, and laughs provided by the multi-talented cast and crew of Highlander. (Psst. Jim Byrnes is a legit world-class blues musician and gentleman! Look him up!)
This was fun! Assorted cast, including guest star/actor/weaponsmaster extraordinaire Anthony De Longis, assemble for a radio-play-style reading of a comedy-whodunit produced by writers Lizzie now works with. The audience got to cast each performer, laughably casting Jim as a lady diva!
Rounding-out appearances, two directors (Richard Martin and Clay Borris, with Don between them) take a turn.
And by the end, I had made a cast member (Lizzie) blush, made another (Jim) cry (in a good way, trust me), gotten comments aplenty from fellow fans that my panel questions were among the con's best, and gotten fatherhood advice from two stars (Adrian and Peter). Loved it. 
Check out this slick compilation teaser of the weekend's events, courtesy of the event production!

Thank you, Highlander!