Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Thought of the Day: Trip-Kills

Duality is everywhere. Everything in life has a flip-side. Even flip-flops. (You know, thong sandals.)

They're called "trip-kills." They have a wonderful tendency of dangling off the toe at just the right angle to catch your next step and send you into a drunken stumble when your blood alcohol level is flat-lined. Or, the thong even occasionally likes to cling between your toes when you're trying to quickly doff them, triggering that awkward lean as you take your next step like the be-flip-flipped foot is loosely glued to the ground. And a dark pair with their low-profile can be a curse inducing hazard to the unwary pedestrian trying to navigate a dim hallway. Good times!

Yes, indeedy! Flip-flops aren't flip-flops at all, betimes. They have that dual nature as trip-kills, also. Don't forget it.

Besides trip-kills, might there be other articles of clothing or household items that often fail to conceal their dual identity? Don't keep it a secret. Out the offending inanimate object and let's all be safer for it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

…To Those Who Wait

"Earlier today, an angel was sighted near the Sacramento River in Rio Vista."
"Reports claim she paused briefly to take a few pictures for a local admirer."

"She wasn't content to simply pose for a photo shoot, however."
"She also had plans to take a few pictures of her own for the occasion."
"Her local admirer also made an appearance."
"What better way to spend a day after a year apart than a poolside frolic."
"Though one should never forget to stretch."
"Ii desshou?"
"So, shall we get in?"

Despite all my earlier misgivings about the visa process and how long it took, I've never achieved anything more special in my life than bringing my Yumeko [yoo-may-ko] into it. Not graduating from college. Not going to Japan. What a sweet victory to have struggled together by our own devices and to have successfully navigated the rough waters of immigration! (Without a lawyer, no less!) We deserve a medal. Huzzah!

Now, we swim in far calmer, far more pleasant waters. Thank God.

To all those who struggle for what they need/want/lack—from military veterans to those seeking citizenship to couples starting a family, et al.—good things come! May it all be yours in due time.