Monday, December 23, 2013

"The Legend of Drizzt" Playthru: "Starless Night—Passage to Dawn" Duology (Part 1)

Last night, Yume, Dad, and I finished a playthru of the "Starless Night" adventure scenario for The Legend of Drizzt Board Game (basically "D&D lite"). Both teams won, but it was a dramatic finish. Check out the final game-state pics below!

This is how the board looked at the penultimate moment!  Dad was playing "Drizzt" (the hero), Yume was "Catti-Brie" (the hero's forbidden love interest), and I was saddled with the delightfully loathsome role of "Artemis Entreri" (a famous assassin, and the hero's arch-nemesis). The scenario called for us (the two of them on one team, and me by myself) to work together as we escaped a dangerous underground setting. By the end, I had attained the exit door first, and next came Dad (err, Drizzt), all bloody and beaten from the ordeal…
The scenario required us to "work together" to get out, but at any point afterward there's nothing preventing either team from stabbing the other in the back. See, either team can win, or both teams can win, and certainly both teams can lose. Standing on the doorstep of victory, I had to play the character out. But rather than kill Drizzt (thus eliminating Dad from the game and causing them to lose), I decided the kill wouldn't be much of a challenge (wounded as he was) and opted to remind him that Catti-Brie (Yume) had been left behind with a feral troll on her heels—planting that worming seed of doubt in his head over whether or not they would succeed. Needless to say, I succeeded, and so did they, but Artemis might not be so merciful next time!
The great thing about this game is how much it has to offer: a variety of modes of play, plenty of player options, and great art and assets, to name a few. (It even makes the 4th edition rules seem perfectly justified for board game play.) Win or lose, it's always a challenge. I liken it to a multidirectional version of chess spiked with clever card play and basic D&D rules and die rolls.

Here's a look at the copper dragon and earth guardian molds from the Dungeon Command "Heart of Cormyr" set (also usable as an expansion for The Legend of Drizzt).

Very nice! Next time, we'll take on the "Passage to Dawn" adventure scenario.