Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Strip Club: The Series" Set Visit

Yume and I took a two-day road trip this last weekend down to L.A. to attend a special shoot and set visit for Strip Club: The Series. I ended up backing the series at the "Executive Producer" level, so I was eager to "make my presence felt" on set and provide Yume a "chance at stardom." (I don't have any pictures to support either of these ambitious claims, but what I do have I gladly share with you now.)
The crew busily preps for the party-scene episode entitled, "Demon in a Bottle." I was pleasantly relieved to find that this had nothing at all to do with any kind of hellish take on the similarly titled song by Christina Aguilera.
A piece of set scenery, tastefully redecorated so as to avoid needless lawsuits over copyright infringement.  
A calendar (featuring faces of the three series' stars, my brother center) set to March of this year…? Could this be a sign of when we should expect the series to debut?
Lighting and sound? Check.
Actors and director on set? Check.
"Wait, what's my line again?"
"You see, Trev, right here is where it says your character goes viral and gets a Webby!" (And no, that's NOT a wedgie-related STD. But it should be.)
"X-tras, assemble!"
Highlights of filming included a scene with SPOILERS who has acted in video games and film (e.g. 42; and no, it's not Harrison Ford, but wait till you see the scene, it's rich stuff!), and a scene where one of the main characters gets "dick faced" (above).
Then, it was enter the robot…!
The climactic scene involved a Fight Club style fight scene pitting the robot against "the beast" (played in mask by the show's director, Reid Ackerman).
They square off…
…but you'll only find out the result if you tune in! For more on that, stay tuned right here for word on when and where the series will pop-up on the intratubes. Can't wait!
Special thanks to Reid Ackerman and his cast and crew for letting me take and use these behind-the-scenes looks. Keep up the great work you guys—break at least a couple legs (even mechanical ones)!