Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Blast From The (Not So Distant) Past

So, here I am catching up on the events of last year. Not so long ago, yet. And to add even further relevance to the heading, my family once again welcomed a Japanese, Saga Nao-san, on home stay into our lives (the sixth in eight years). It's already been more than two years since I lived, worked, and loved in Nihon, and the memories are still sweet as ever, but I'm fortunate enough to ever be making new memories connected to the Land of the Rising Sun—and I don't plan on reversing that trend!

My wife, Yume (left), stands with Nao in front of Club Fugazi in San Francisco where we took in Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest running satirical song and dance show in the country (and easily the one with the biggest hats)!
Closer to home, we went out "Cowtown" (Vacaville)-way to spy the multicolored lights of "Lollypop Lane". (Full disclosure: I wasn't terribly thrilled with the displays this year. More than a few houses were completely dark, and only a few really stood out as something to behold. Still, I've got nothing else to show from that time, so here are some of the best.)

The winner!
Really a lot going on there, without being blindingly overwhelming.
Good use of space.
And yet, somehow, all those lawn lights pale in comparison to the simple, understated magic of a candle-powered Christmas windmill!