Monday, September 12, 2016

Ewan Turns 1

My wife, Yumeko, spent the better part of a week preparing our home for Ewan's 1st birthday on September 3. And what a beautiful handcrafted job she did!
Nana and Grandpa, too, came out to help us celebrate.
Naturally, Ewan was king of the day!
Crayons! Bon app├ętit!
Much better to color with, as it turns out.
Nana swoops in to marvel at the young artist.
"This is fun!"
"You wanna try, Daddy?"
"Oooh, yummy crayon…"
"How's the menu in this joint?"
Pineapple, much better than menu!
Back at home, it was time for presents then cake and ice cream!
"This book talks! Cool!"
"I can open it. I can open it. I can open it."
"New shoes and a handmade puppet and cake plushy! Too. Much. Good. Stuff!"
Mommy showing off Ewan's new puppet and cake plushy.

You know what that means … it's cake time!
Then, a week later, Uncle Trevor came up from L.A. for a visit! (With Ewan wearing his best Batman-face.)
Ewan looks ready to nap after buffet lunch at Round Table.
But not too tired to play on his favorite new birthday gift: his green scoot-scoot from Nana and Grandpa!