Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Adventures of Young Kabocha Jones

There they were, awaiting the arrival of the Man In The Hat. Scarcely too cute to be believed. But this was no idle couple.
After putting on his duds, Kabocha-chan heard his mommy say, "Think we can go find him?"
"Hah!" the little Kabocha laughed proactively. "No sweat!"
"Well, he sure ain't in here!"
So, Kabocha-chan ventured out in search of the Man In The Hat.
Determined to leave no leaf unturned, he searched low…
…and lower still.
Naturally, Kabocha-chan started to get tired.
And more than a little drooly-hungry.
"Wait! Wuzzat?!"
"Well, here I am."
"Olly olly oxen free!"
"Huh. Nobody."
"Wait, what's this?"
"You gotta be kiddin' me."
"What do they call you, kid?"
"I'm Kabocha Jones. Pleased to meet you, mister! You must be the Man In The Hat."
"Jones, huh? Well, you ain't wrong there, kid."
"Guess we must be related or something."
"Oh, Mistah Jones! Don't forget about me!"
"Kitty wanna play."
"If that don't beat all. Picturing us here like this."
From all of us, hope you had whip-crackin' happy Halloween!