Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers bring May...WTF!?

You know, it'd be next to impossible to find unpainted Easter eggs in the snow.

Oirase got a few centimeters of snow this last Saturday night, thankfully it had all melted off before I woke up late Sunday morning. And I just learned today that Tokyo also received some snow (a FULL 4 FREAKIN' INCHES of it! – we just missed the deluge, Mom) over the weekend. I mean, I've heard of April having some bipolar weather, but this calls for a full dose of anti-depressants and a Chinese finger-trap variation straight jacket!

So, being that it's still winter here in Japan, I thought I'd take this opportunity to continue catching myself up on what you've missed over the past six months: Snowbound Edition!

First major snow, end of November, from the top floor of the office building I work out of. (If you squint real hard, you might be able to make out a sign with a "U" on it [left], and a red-topped tower in the distance [right]. These are the Universe Mart [next door to my apartment], and Jusco Mall, respectively. 50 points if you find Waldo!)
A slightly different view; end of the day.
Road to the Jusco Mall
From the office again, this time during a blizzard in January.
I like this picture mainly because it turned out so well – I took it doing 60 kph in the passenger seat of the car I'm driven in to school.
Me signing off until next time (when I went skiing for the first time ever in February).