Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cruisin' to Kuroishi

There are so many hidden treasures nestled away in the quieter, less traveled places of Aomori that I imagine you could live here your entire life and just so happen to miss one of those places en route to someplace else. I can't speak for all those places we past in-between, but Kuroishi is no longer one of those places for me. I joined my junior high school Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) and a gaggle of students' parents on a field trip there to make hashi today. Here's a look at the day's travelogue.

Sukayu Onsen nestled away in the hills of Mt. Hakkoda. We made a brief stopover here for a bathroom break and to consider buying sugared treats in the shape of a penis. I'm not kidding. I didn't buy it. (Actually, the place did sell a lot of snacks and other healthy treats, but I had to mention this one. I mean, really?!)
"Japanese woodcarver dude" (we found working at the Kuroishi visitor's center). That pretty much says it.
Let's eat! I snapped this shot as we all sat down to eat on the ground's banquet hall.
A kindly old couple whom I met while enjoying the natural hot spring heated foot bath. Yokatta!
After the foot bath, I saw a horse drawn carriage and went to greet the pony pulling it. Sutekina boushi ne! The pony's name was Miu.
Here the whole gang (minus Tanosaki-sensei, who took the picture) gets ready to load up for the ride home.
Towering over the plain, Aomori's own "Tsugaru Fuji" lingers in the distance, touching the clouds—a fitting end to a heavenly day!
Thanks to everyone (especially Tanosaki-sensei) who made this day special for me! :)