Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween in Hirosaki

I wasn't on my A-game when it came to snapping pictures this Halloween. (I was more interested in participating and enjoying everything that went on!) Still, my friends and I combined to form team Pac-Man and Company (pure awesome, Sam, great idea!), and here are a few pictures from the JET-hosted party that ensued on October 30th.

Sam (a friend, fellow ALT, and designer of the shirts we wore) and I see Pac-Man in the distance! That or our food had finally arrived. (Same difference.) Here we went out to an izakaya beforehand as a pre-party warmup.
Momoko (a mutual friend and office worker) goes after Pac-Man (aka, Adam, another friend and ALT) after we've ordered. It's quite clear what was on the menu for Momoko!
Red Ghost goes in for the kill!
But nope! Pac-Man's got his power-pill poppin' mojo goin' now! You can even see the three motes of light between them, remnants of the power-pill Pac-Man is devouring! (All of our shirts had the same motif, and at several points during the night we paraded about the dance floor chasing Adam, only to turn around and flee from him in perfect arcade fashion. Great fun!)
Here's part of the prize we each won for having been selected best group costume! It's a tiny "jewel-studded" scabbard complete with a drawable kukri knife inside (straight from Nepal; the evening's proceeds went to support a JET-sponsored charity that works out of that country)! Kakko ii ne!
Here's an all-too-dark picture of me and Claire, a fellow ALT who lives in Hirosaki (the city across the ken where the party was held). She had on a killer chinese dress and headdress—certainly should have won the prize for most tasteful costume of the evening!