Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Aussified Christmas—Blimey!

More from my Christmas/New Year's in Roo Land!

Much of our time was spent either at the beach or very nearby. My sun-deprived flesh certainly needed it! (I've never seen my fingernails grow so fast in so short a time!)
The ocean provides many bounties, but I doubt seaweed makes for a great shawl.
Time to get ready for a swim!
It's very important to follow the rules. (What I want to know is: how do you hover 1-inch over the rim like that? Kegels? Scientology?)
Downtown Sydney with the harbor ferries docked in the foreground.
Sydney's Harbor Bridge
A boat!
Look, a boat!
Really, it's a boat!
At the Opera House
SPOILER ALERT: Bet you thought it was all one building!
"What say we take a dip?"
"Okay, fine. Nap time!"
Next, we went to Sydney's Botanical Gardens.
The plant life in Australia, even just Sydney, held great variety. These two trees really struck home in that regard: one, large and round with pale yellow buds on the leaves, and the other, tall and narrow with dark green, spiky foliage; right next to each other!
Who'd a thunk it?! Egyptians in Australia.
A notable landmark: Center Point Tower.
Prince Albert (on a pedestal ;)
An amazing coastline, Stanwell Tops, south of Cronulla.
No. That's not a moth on a wall. It's not a boomerang in flight. That's some high-flying hang-gliding for ya!
And some … parachuters? Parachuteers? Parachutists?
How about one more beach? This one at Shoalhaven Heads near Merilyn's Mum's old summer home.
Wendy and I work the barbie in expert Australian fashion!

Next time, we'll break away from the city sights and see some of Sydney's wild side!