Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Aussified Christmas - Crickey!

Now, let me take you into the wild side of my trip to Australia.

I gave the koala a little back rub to help ease his digestion.
Here's one without that big-nosed creature.
The kangaroos at the Symbio Wild Life Park were left to wander an open paddock where people could touch and feed them at their leisure. Considering how much the 'roos enjoyed the shade, I'm surprised none of them mistook me for a tree.
A peacock rests on its regal perch, surveying both sides of the fence.
A pair of sweet little birdies captured in all their colorful splendor through the mesh of their enclosure.
Okay, so it's not a real animal. Still cool, though! Found it outside the Sydney Hospital in the downtown area.
Now, here are some party animals! (from left to right) It's Wendy, her brother Scott, and his girlfriend, Jess, gathered here before we went out for a little fine dining and drinking.
The Holy Grail of Margaritas! (Thing's the size of my head!)
Miiiight need a little help here.
Atta' girl! What a trooper!
Was someone conducting nuclear tests to the left of me while I was eating again? 
"Aww, shucks!"
Our New Year's digs at Club Menai.
The live band rocked the dance floor with a who's-who of Motown covers including everything from The Pointer Sisters to Lady Gaga.
While tearing up the dance floor, I got close enough to snap this shot of the three lead singers for the band. It was hot stuff! Literally. Like, I was sweating so much my shirt was practically see-through. At one point, a fellow dancer asked me if I was part of the show. I smiled big but said nothing; let my moves do the talking.
So few identifiable pictures of this creature exist, and some even say it can only be seen once a year when enough imbibed wine coaxes its unchecked nature into being. (Needless to say, when I wasn't wearing my tie around my forehead with my shades on, this is how I looked on New Year's. At least, I think that's me. ;)