Monday, February 28, 2011

Saikou Sendai!

Went to Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture with "the Hero of Oirase"—a man they call James—and our office hosa (sub-chief; not-to-mention, my favorite person in the office) Izumiyama-san and his wife during the first weekend in February. We took in an 89ers bj-league basketball game, and then some. It kicked more than a bit of a donkey's ass! Don't believe me…?

On the subway in Sendai, the Hero of Oirase catches me grinning in anticipation.
Great shot mid-game as one of the Sendai 89ers' forwards tosses up a tough leaner. 
The 89ers' starting center slams one home with authority.
Here are some court-side highlights:

Final score. Sendai 91, Okinawa 90. Clutch free throws indeed!

Our post-game meal was at a great little izakaya where we ate too much and laughed just enough. The sake came served to us as you see above, traditionally overflowing the shot glass into the square wooden container, or masu.
Then we went out to fool around and shoot some "ghost-image" photos. I've fallen over stiff at the sight of Mikiko-san's light-speckled, huggable spirit.
"River Spirit"
"My Spirit Climbing"
"I'M PALED by The Twilight"
"Spiritual Hi-5"
"Put 'em Up"
"Spirit Punk'd"
"Spirit Crossing"
I think I'm headed in the Wright direction. What do you think?