Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Thought of the Day: What's the matter with doctors?

I just got back from the hospital today, having gotten my cast removed from a snowboarding accident last month, and I was again struck by how odd some doctors are. No, not some doctors—all doctors! Some are odd in how they appear: be it their hairstyle (or lack thereof), the way their eyes are set (or the glasses they wear over them), the clothes they wear (or wear badly), or the slightly off-kilter or far too erect posture they display. Others are strange in how they do things: whether it be the way they talk, or the way they walk, or the way they write their name (okay, so they're all guilty of that one). Still there's an indelible … strangeness … nay, oddity—no wait, queer factor!—that's it, there's an indelible queer factor (QF) about doctors that makes them simultaneously funny and confounding. Could it have something to do with the exorbitantly long periods of required education and certification they go through? Is it from prolonged exposure to formaldehyde? Something about the lab coat and stethoscope? What exactly?

Take a moment to consider all the ones you've dealt with in the past, and see if you can come up with what's to explain for your MD's QF?