Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upload … 33% Complete

B-moment commence. HOORAY!

Well, close enough, anyway.

I'm roughly 1/3 of the way through my life-expectancy, give or take a few years, and I've officially entered my 30s. My dad said his thirties were the best years of his life (though I'd wager he has a few more of those best years still ahead of him)—so, I assume he meant physically, mentally, and socially speaking. Here's hoping he's right!

And now, for the second verse of my foolishly-hopeful-though-highly-unlikely perennial birthday song.

"[Blankety-blank] Years Young" contin'd… [Verse 2]
(sung to the tune of Camptown Races)

Dance all night, gonna ride that hoss, boo yah, boo yah
Might fly off track till my wires cross, oh the boo yah hey!
Let my joy carry me outta dis hole, boo yah, boo yah
Can't touch sadness wid a ten-foot pole, oh the boo yah hey!
Ha-vin' fun all night!
Ha-vin' fun all day!
Here's some money in a fold-out card
That, and you don't have to pay.