Monday, October 24, 2011

Bali: The Adventure Continues

More Bali pix comin' at ya!

Kuta Beach:

When in a place called "paradise," one would be eternally remiss not to dine by candlelight on the beach at sunset.
Front and center for oncoming dusk.

Our drinks arrive…
Happy grin!
…and then din-din; freshly selected from ice chests and seawater baths at the front counter!
And the sun dips ever lower…

…until it's gone…

Hey babe! Guess what? Next stop: water slide park!
Waterbom Park
Oh, yes.
It's amazing—the shots one takes of oneself when on vacation. :p

And how could I leave you without the most signature aspect of Balinese culture:

Selamat detang!