Sunday, October 7, 2012

91 Beautiful Years

I want to share some thoughts about this great woman, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother.…

I like to think she was the ever-present mind of our family. Its good sense. She loved us all unequivocally, and it was through that love that she communicated that good sense.

If Grandpa was the heart of the family, Grandma was certainly its mind. She minded all her own affairs with grace and diligence, and often minded the affairs of others' too, and we were always better off for it—even if we weren't entirely grateful for it, at first.

The heart and the mind. Even though those two are now no longer kept within the bodies that once housed them, they are not gone. Just as the soul persists, passing on from the body, the heart and the mind do as well. The heart and the mind live on through us.

Georgia Marie Wright, 12 June 1921 - 29 September 2012
Eldon James Wright, 1 May 1918 - December 23 2010 
Our responsibility is greater than ever now. Their legacy is now ours. My only hope is that we are contented and at peace with that. At peace with where they are. I know I am.