Sunday, January 12, 2014

I don't mind being dealt a card again at the holidays.

Yume flexed her engineering muscles by correctly fitting together Charles and Ray Eames specially designed House of Cards. I offered a few suggestions, but she did all the painstaking work. Took her 3-4 hours over 3 days.
When Trevor arrived for a visit recently, he, Dad, and I threw down as lords of Waterdeep, using both the Undermountain and Skullport add-ons from the expansion. Corruption and the advanced quests and locations offered in this long version of the game really changes how you play. Replay value is immense, and the full game offers a lot to consider and puzzle over. We took a break part way through this playthru, and it was hard for me to tear myself away from the board, thinking about my next move. Dad (Durnan the Wanderer) scored 148, Trevor (as Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun) finished with 154, and I (Sammereza Sulphontis) narrowly won with 157 victory points. 
Next, Trev, Yume, and I manufactured a team win playing the "Escape from Neverneath" scenario in The Legend of Drizzt. The penultimate moment came when we were attacked by twin trolls, one of which dropped Jarlaxle (played by Trevor), and nearly killed Athrogate (played by me). We were lucky to find the exit tile when we did, and even luckier that we drew a stalagmite (i.e. no monster) card during the final stretch.
All of us then enjoyed a playthru of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I played "Madame Zostra," Dad was "Professor Longfellow," Yume started as "Missy Dubourde" and Trevor as "Darren 'Flash' Williams," but they switched when the haunt was revealed. 
Ultimately, the horrific rigors of the house made Missy become a werewolf, soon to be followed by Darren (who was attacked first) and the Prof. Earlier, the Prof and I had discovered a revolver, but soon I was the only one left to desperately search for silver bullets. Sadly, just as I found them, Missy and her brood arrived and slew me. The haunts of the house had won this time.