Friday, January 3, 2014

"The Legend of Drizzt" Playthru: "Starless Night—Passage to Dawn" Duology (Part 2)

We tried our hand at the "Passage to Dawn" adventure scenario earlier this week. Boy, did we have a rough start! We drew a bunch of unforgiving traps and encounter cards, the damage from which we never fully recovered. Also, if Catti-Brie takes point, always make good use of her "Quick Step" feature: you never want her to be the one spending healing surges!
Needless to say, we failed the adventure. We got close. We found Wulfgar and confronted the demon lord Errtu (and even put 6 damage on him), but both I (Drizzt) and Dad (Bruenor) fell before we could satisfy the win conditions. Still it was tons of fun trying to strategize our way to victory.
See what happened last time!