Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Thought of the Day: Food-based Batman Villain Names

What if each member of Batman's Rogues Gallery were named after all things dietary…?

The Noodler. "Noodle me this!"

Mr. Fries. "Always served well below room temperature."

The Juicer. "You'll be splitting at the seams once I've peeled you open!"

Celery Kale, the Fatwoman. "Despite my namesake, I like to live large."

The Pumpkin. "My blue blooded bearing is veritably carved on my face."

Grain. "I must THRESH YOOU!"

Fresh au Jus. "Join the League of Asparagus, dip yourself in my waters."

The Ham Platter. "Choices, choices, oh the choices! Maybe I'll take one of each and wear them on my head, how's that?"

Smeltroe. "Fear not, you'll soon be eating of the fishes!"

Pizzaface. "The cure for my adult acne turned me into a monster and makes me hate the world."

Raisin Icee. "It'll catch on! Just you wait and see."

Cornedbeef Steak. "It's the heart of any good meal. Yess, the heart!"

And, of course, the heroes:

Bratman and Squab. "The Dynamic Duo (of sausage and cooked pigeon)!"

Can you name all the villains above, or think of any other good ones? Comment below.