Sunday, June 7, 2015

Yume dominates!

Last week, Yume and I enjoyed a couple rounds of Dominion, an excellent strategy-based deck building game by Rio Grande Games. You are each a lord of your own demesne competing against your neighbors over resources and victory points to see whose dominion will reign supreme! Our practice match wound up a tie, 31-31, but as the rules stipulate: "…the tied player who has had the fewest turns wins the game," and since I had both started and ended the game, Yume won the practice round. I did better in our second "for reals" match, scoring 37 that time, but Yume's dominion would not be denied at 49 victory points (as shown above, she's on the right)!
Here you can see a number of the resource (Treasure and Action) cards used in the basic game. Other nasty additions that you can swap in or out at the start include thieves, adventurers, laboratories, witches, throne rooms, moneylenders, and festivals, among other exciting variants!