Thursday, May 19, 2016

April occasions bring May memories.

At the Japanese Embassy in SF; snapped this in front of their Hinamatsuri display. Yay for girls! (Ewan looks nonplussed, thinking, "I don't look that much like a girl, do I?")
Proof to the contrary: Exhibit A.
Exhibit B. (Sorry, son, but you kinda do.)
"What the hell is THIS!?"
"Make it so, Number One. I'm taking a number two." – Cpt. Ewan Nude-Picard
Mama looking styling, and Ewan … well, adjusting to his Nana's stroller.
My two girls knockin' us boys dead on Mom's birthday at Moxie in Downtown.
Age is just a number in this family.
Just clownin'.
Mama does it better.
From us to you, may 2016 continue to be a blessing!