Thursday, June 16, 2016

May we always have friends as dear.…

"Hey there! I'm Ewan. Come and meet some of our dearest friends, why don't you?"
"Here's me with Francesca, one of my new Italian friends! She's a natural with me. Can you see Daddy and Giuseppe behind us?"
"Francesca, now joined by her partner Lia, make a me-n-teeth sandwich. I like it!"
"Mommy, Daddy, and me (snoozing)!" (after dinner at the Gaudio home in Vacaville)
"Daddy and his former student, Anna, (Giuseppe's wife)." 
"Smiles all around as we send off the Gaudios (with Mathilde in pink and Federico in blue) to their new stomping grounds: Philadelphia!"
"Me and my new best bud, Ash! Can you see his daddy behind us?"
"Ash offers a flower on the way to the Sac Zoo."
"Mommy and Ash with a monkey—or is that Mommy with two monkeys?"
"Mommy, again, with flamingoes."
"Smell my foot, Ash."
"Go! Go! Go! GO!"
"Seeing the Okunos (Mark, Ash, and Emma) off as they head back to Santa Barbara."

"Daddy takes me into the pool for the first time—naked! Me, not him."
"Well, that's all for now! I'll be right here by this stand until next time. Buh-bye!"