Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Biggest Little City Meet Biggest Hearted Little Samurai

"Here I am!" (*yawn*)
"Wait a minute! That's not how this all started. Let's stop and think about it."
"Yeah, that's right! The Sacramento Amtrak Station in Downtown. That's where it all started!" 
"That's right. Ridin' the rails with my daddy and my 'Humpty Dumpty'."
"Then I woke up and we were there."
"Actually, here. Where are we anyway, Daddy?"
"I think I dreamed about a dragon."
"This bookstore is awesome! Let's go look over there!"
"We ever gonna go to any of these places, Daddy?"
"Okay, let's go."
"Giant Metal Alien Flower Thingy!"
"Where you at, Daddy?"
*nom nom*
"Nana, you sure like animals, huh?"
"Tuckered out, Granpa?"
"That's a good cowboy."
"And happiest of birthdays, Granpa!"
"Mommy! You silly cotton candy troll head!"

Back at the hotel…

"You know what time it is?"
"Daddy? This is the place where what you do stays in it? Right?"