Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not too long ago, in an inbox very, very nearby... (Part 3)

And now, for the final installment in my recap of original email journal entries from last year. (Note: Because I agreed to protect the privacy of those people whose pictures I've taken, by official decree, I cannot post images of my Japanese students nor co-workers here.)

November 1, 7,603,200 seconds! (and counting...)

Rather than inundate everyone once again with one of my lengthy essay style updates, I've opted instead to go a more "eye-friendly" route. (After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?) Feast your eyes, boys and girls, young and old, one and all, on my images of Oirase-cho, Aomori-ken, Nihon!

(For those of you wondering about the subject title, that's my running clock on time spent in Japan; which is also 2,112 hours, or 88 days [palindromes galore!])

The brief road to work each morning. If you walk far enough down the way, you begin to hear 1930s parlor music coming from a few of the storefronts (no joke!)
The front of the office where I clock-in each morn.
A typical agricultural sight in Honshu north country.
Oirase nature
Oirase Lake
Oirase liberty! (1/6th replica; kind of "manish" in the face)
Kinoshita Elementary School (east)
Kinoshita Elementary School (west); student body ~600
"Blue in Angles" —a cool pyramidal building in Aomori City
"Goddess Enthroned"—my name for the float I was honored to help pull through Oirase Town in October.
Part of the parade route during the town festival (with a float in the background).