Thursday, June 12, 2014

RioCon, Day 1

Due to a couple back-to-back weddings from June 7-14, much of my family (including Trevor from down in L.A., and Jess up from Arizona) has been in town, so I deemed it necessary for us to game-it-up during the interim. Here's a recap of the day one action at "RioCon" (© 2014):

Trev, Yume, and I took on the "Legacy of the Drow" adventure scenario for The Legend of Drizzt game. Trev played Wulfgar (the barbarian), Yume Catti-Brie (the archer; as per usual), and I was Regis (the rogue). In the early going, we encountered a number of orc-related monsters from the Dungeon Command "Blood of Gruumsh" expansion. Here, we're in the midst of defeating a war boar and a fearsome orc Cleric of Gruumsh wielding a long spear.
At the penultimate moment, Methil the mind flayer arrived, bringing with him a goblin cutter, hunting drake, orc drudge, and a copper dragon! Even though we had both our healing surges still, sh¡t was about to get real.
In short order, we managed to bring the mind flayer down to less than 5 hp, but both Catti-Brie and Wulfgar were dropped in the doing. This meant we couldn't afford any more mishaps. Then, right as the mind flayer summoned in an orc druid to help, Wulfgar landed the killing blow with Aegis-fang. We had won!
A selection of the monsters we faced from the Blood of Gruumsh expansion (from left to right): orc drudge, Cleric of Gruumsh, orc archer (back), orc chieftain (front), orc druid, war boar.