Monday, June 16, 2014

RioCon, Day 3

Although we had planned to end things on a somewhat grander note (with Dominion and Star Fluxx), instead we wrapped up day three with the elegant stylings of another session of Tsuro.

Opening gambits: Dad (red) and Yume (white) started the action side-by-side, while I (blue) set course for the center of the board. 
Yume survived being sent to the edge and Dad and I came close to meeting in the middle.
Later, we all separated…
…only to come face-to-face with each other again.
I played the capper for Yume, though, laying the four-sided 180º whirl tile as seen at the tip of the red marker. In turn, it sent me packing for higher ground.
Here's how it stood after nine rounds: looks like I'm about to run out of real estate!
Or am I?
Victory! Here's a lesson for all you Tsuro-beginners out there: don't get stuck on the wrong side of that four-sided 180º whirl tile—it's the kiss of death.

Thus ended our "first annual" RioCon. Wherever your location, may your games never end: tis truly the path to the fountain of youth!