Monday, July 7, 2014

Our First 4th

Yume (white) and I (green) started off the July 4th weekend with family at the center, roping Mom (yellow) and Dad (blue) into a round of Tsuro.
I seized the opportunity early, seeing everyone going in different directions from me, and sought to cordon off a private little section of real estate.
Meanwhile, Mom decided she wanted nothing to do with the rest of us and found herself running out of room. Yume and Dad were Thelma and Louise-ing due north.
Mom managed to save her bacon and found a crisscrossing path to the opposite corner. (Fortunately, for me, she chose to go north with them instead of south with me; a choice, at the time, that seemed to make all the difference.)
Inevitably, Yume and Dad followed their destiny off the board, while for Mom and I it became a race to see who could outlast the other.
Before long, the result was in and my strategy had won the day. (Course, had Mom made a different choice a few moves before, I might'n've been so lucky!)
Later, Yume and I gathered with several thousand others to witness Suisun City's annual fireworks show.
Seated on the docks, we were ideally situated to take in her very first Independence Day blast!

I think the way she reacts at the end of the this video says it all: