Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beating the heat … WITH GAMES!

Tsuro markers at their start positions! (I'm brown, Jeff's blue, Mom's white, and Yume's black.)
Everyone got off to a fancy start (much better than the practice round previous), with Jeff and I positioning for the corner, leaving the ladies to scramble for higher ground.
Unable to cut me off at the pass (or having chose not to), Jeff veered north placing his fate squarely in the hands of mi madre.
Neatly avoiding the fray, Mom left Yume with little choice but to run smack into Jeff, eliminating them both.
Which quite naturally set me up for the win. Gracias!
Next, we took a shot at the "Passage to Dawn" adventure in The Legend of Drizzt, a scenario which had defeated us months ago. Jeff took on the role of stalwart dwarven fighter "Bruenor," Yume once again became the human archer "Catti-Brie," and I gladly gripped the twin scimitars of the titular drow ranger "Drizzt Do'Urden." We took down the massive balor rather handily this time, using teamwork, character abilities, and no shortage of valuable resources to slay the demon and free the captive Wulfgar without expending a single "Healing Surge" token!
Here's a closer look at the final game state. Bruenor and I bore through the demon as Catti-Brie held back and plucked with her arrows. Not even the sudden springing of a poison arrow trap—after the demon was down!—could deter us from breaking the crystal prison and achieving total victory.
And here's a close up of two of the nasties we had to face down en route to victory: the "Drow Blademaster" from the  Sting of Lolth expansion set, and the "Ogre" from Blood of Gruumsh.